Are we still good with a Steam/GoG release?


I’m all for choice, and if it helped the game out, I’d happily buy the game on Epic rather than my go-to: Steam.

However, I find the exclusivity nonsense Epic keeps doing to leave a poor taste in my mouth. I canceled my Pheonix Point preorder as a result of that, for example. Is DQ2 still expected to sell everywhere?


Just gotta say that Epic is the one launcher I would not buy this game on. If its an Epic exclusive then sadly I would not be playing this, even as a longtime DQ1 fan.


I’m not crazy about the Epic store myself, but if Lars came in here and said “Hey guys, I’ll put it out on every storefront, but it would really help us out if you’d pick Epic instead of one of the other two” I’d bite the bullet and do it to help him out. If it was an exclusive though, much different story.


Hey, guys! The current plan is to proceed with a Steam/GoG release. You guys will be the first to know if anything changes, but we don’t anticipate that happening.


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!