DQ2 Beta - open? invite?


Been following DQ2 progress for awhile, and stopped paying attention for probably close to a year, but I notice it’s in beta. Is it an open beta or invite-only? I’m so stoked for it!!!


The beta is not open, no, and iirc alpha/beta invites are now unavailable as they were pre-order bonuses.

I don’t even think the actual invites have been sent to the appropriate people yet either, I had not noticed the alpha bar was full until I saw this thread. Hopefully won’t have to wait for too long. :slight_smile:


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If I recall correctly, the beta period for DQ1 was fairly short in duration with rapid bugfixes until release to market, so guessing that reaching playable Beta status is a pretty significant milestone for DQ2 as well. The dev blog has some pretty good reads if you’re interested in game development or applied economics… if you want something to fill time while waiting for the game! :smile:


I preordered DQ2 ages ago…not received a beta invite, were there different tiers to the pre -order?

Ploughed 99 hours into DQ1 on Steam, is that a bad thing? :slight_smile:


Yes, there were different tiers. The Game, Soundtrack and Art (or whatever it was called?) tiers do not have beta access.


Regretting not ordering the Beta tier now. Any ETA on how quick he gets back to those applying for beta invites?


I can’t wait !! I must buy it when sell !! :grinning: