How the Sausage gets made (aka "where the @$%^ is DQII")

Hi, i patiently wait for the Alpha release, i have time. I am 100% behind you. There is just lack of communication. Woulb be nice to get everymonth report, even if nothing really happen. :slight_smile:
Anyway thank you for the first DQ :slight_smile:

As many others, I’m happy to wait. I would prefer to know, even if it’s bad/no news, that things are still ticking over. If not monthly, then at least quarterly updates would be nice. It doesn’t have to be a novella :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the thread about refunds, and I wouldn’t even consider it. DQ is one of my all-time favourite games, and I’m happy to be some small part of giving DQII a fighting chance. I realise I’m not everyone, but my situation is stable enough to afford to let it go, whatever the outcome.

A couple of questions regarding this entry on the blog:

1.There was mentioned, that preorder possibility will be turned off. However, up to this day, I see that it’s still posssible to make preorder. Of course I don’t have personally nothing against that, but it doesn’t seem to be coherent with declaration from the update).

2.Is the counter on DQII website (progress) working correctly? I’ve got an impression that since a couple of months there is no progress in “beta counter”:

3.I remember that a couple of years ago all buyers of DQ on your website received not only Steam key, but also GOG key. Is this the case also for DQ II preorders? I admit that I prefer much, muhc more GOG than steam and I would be happy if we could have if not both, then at least possibility of choice, if we wish to have GOG key or Steam key.

The progress tracker should still be working properly, but I’m a bit lazy and unsure and I’m not tagging issues under the Beta milestone. I’ll run through the issues and update them, see if they change. (Fear not with the amount of unworked progress, it’s just a bunch of minor stuff.)

Great post, as usual!

Honestly, you could make a great living out of writing blog posts :))

Thanks for keeping us posted and don’t beat yourself up for whatever delays, it’s clear you’re making a top quality product, basically on your own and I’m sure most people here see and appreciate that.

Best of luck!


Oh, also, on the topic of DQ2 pre-orders:

Looks like that’s been taken care of now, too. Probably for the best, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Balls. Really hoping I remembered to preorder before then.

As a long-time fan of DQ who preordered basically within weeks of the option to do so being announced, I don’t regret doing so at all. And I won’t be asking for my money back any time soon either. As others have said, if it comes out, it comes out. But if the worst should happen… well, I always felt like I paid way too little for DQ initially anyway, not to mention that I got bonus copy once that I ended up gifting to a friend. :slight_smile:

I considered it an investment, and y’know, investments don’t always pan out. But like I said, no regrets.

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