Milestone 3 - a bit confused about progress

At this moment, by some reason, there are two different “statuses” for this Milestone (or rather steps “inside”).

First, the progress on the website with progress tracker:

Despite the fact that it shows as “Current Phase”, Milestone 2, it has everything completed in Milestone 2, and has currently done 183 from 184 points.

However, after clicking on link “See all milestones”, there is shown this page:

Which clearly states, that at this moment there are completed 76% "points (39) and that 12 are still open.

Would be really grateful if you could explain why there is this difference and which “counter” is correct at the moment. Thanks in advance!

(P.S. - Release day of DQ 2 will be one of the happiest days in my gamer’s life* :))

*And it’s not exaggeration, since first DQ was one of the most important games I’ve played so far in my life (needles to say, one of the games which made me interested into indie genre at all and one of those indie games which I’ve spent the biggest amount of time).


If memory serves, Lars said the progress tracker wasn’t being updated much, so I’d not put too much thought in to the why here.

Agreed about release, I cannot wait to get my hands on DQ2, it’s definitely up there with the best TD games of all time. was recently fixed… see also these progress updates: