Speedrunning Defender's Quest


Ran again tonight, cut the time down by another 25 minutes by implementing just one new strategy:

Not dying is faster than dying.


Having a “confirm” hotkey like you describe would indeed be great.


Hey, this is fantastic! Great work :smiley:

Any chance you could host the videos on youtube so I could watch them at 2x or faster replay? :wink:

Do you only count levels where you get a perfect ending with Azra unharmed? Or do you allow blue star levels?

It would be an interesting game feature to track your fastest time to complete each level, but I like seeing your speed run doing it all at once even better.


Sure. I hadn’t uploaded to youtube before only because of lack of demand.

I don’t require perfect levels, but getting a majority of those perfect bonuses is quite important for going fast.

The “archerless” level, for example, is one I almost never get perfect - the packs of speedy slugs that spawn from the monstrosities often leak.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CowrptUmOcc Uploaded last night’s run to youtube, featuring Lars popping into my channel.

The first half of the game went really cleanly, but from Sheep to Hand I started making a lot of small mistakes. Ended up PBing barely, because the final 4 levels went really smoothly.


Cracked the 1 hour mark - 56:51!

Credits to Ethan for helping me with a fast setup on Following Zelemir (the archerless level) that works at level 13-14 instead of backing up to hit 15 off of two quick extreme levels. That saves 3 minutes over my best run of that section of he game prior. Don’t need the warlord bow anyway, which is the only thing I give up by not doing it.


Awesome, congrats!

How much time do you think is still possible to shave off? Any guesses about where the remainders lie or what an ultimate best time might look like?


I’ve hit zelemir 1 with as much as 4 minutes ahead of my time when I achieved that 56 minute run. Of that, I managed to carry 2 of those minutes ahead to the end but had a really rocky last couple fights (Zelemir’s Army, Zelemir 2 went poorly, ended with 55:47.)

Cracking the 50 minute barrier seems like it will be doable with current strats, but I’ll have to be a lot more confident about setups in the later levels - which is difficult, because the last two non-boss levels (archerless and zelemir’s army) require some precision timing on Azra’s spell usage or else the flipping MACH 5 slugs leak when the monstrosities pop.

More than that will be really difficult.

I think a robot could break 40 minutes, maybe even 30, since there’s a huge amount of time that can be saved simply with instant unit management and menuing. I wonder if there’s a way to TAS the game…


I tried to complete a NG+ speedrun last night, got stuck at a few different points, including one final one that was a run killer.

I’ve decided to table NG+ speedrun attempts until the bug causing you to not be able to buy the secret books from the the book of secrets monument is fixed. (Reported it to Lars, provided save files demonstrating it.)