1.0.0 - I can't rename anything. Help?


I just downloaded the Gold Edition- I’d been waiting for this for a long time and I’m happy to see it! =3

The bad news is that I’ve run into a very weird bug that I don’t really understand.

Simply put, I can’t rename any of my characters! I know it’s not my keyboard- it works fine outside of the game- and strangely enough, I can still use hotkeys without any trouble at all while in the game. It’s just that, for some reason, I can’t actually input anything in any ‘insert name’ prompt. Oddly, I can DELETE letters, I just can’t put new ones in there. This seems to be the case no matter where the ‘insert name’ prompt is. Technically, if I’m willing to edit my save file, I can rename characters, but I’d feel safer just being able to do it within the confines of the game itself.

I’m using Windows 7, Adobe Air 3.4 (I downloaded it after 3.3 didn’t work, either), and version 1.0.0 of the game; Windows build. The last version I had was 0.9.01, which didn’t have this problem.

Also, I went on your site to play the Flash version of the demo… It has the same problem, so I’m not sure what happened, but it looks like this could be a big one.


i got the same problem though i can still rename them by going into the save file and rename them manually. this is still very dangerous to do couse if i type something wrong it could mess up the game and it is just very annoying to do everytime i get a new char so i would like to have the normal naming system back plz fix it soon


I am also experiencing this bug.


Same here. Unable to rename anyone from either window - neither from the “here’s so-and-so, name them!” window that first pops up, nor from the one in the Party Menu.

It’s also impossible to manually name your new hirees; your only option is to use Random names for all your Party Members. :frowning:


Same problem here, just hopped on to see if I was the only one, and it looks like I’m not. Trying to make a new char, can’t enter anything for the name, and can’t exit or cancel, because it keeps telling me to type a name. I tried it in windowed mode and had the same problem although there I could at least exit properly without task manager.


How on EARTH did we not catch this during testing? This is super weird - likely I just introduced it recently, probably in 0.9.58 (actually I know exactly what caused it… grrr! Stupid me). Okay, I’ll try to put out a patch first thing tomorrow morning.


This is now fixed and the version 1.0.1 patch is live. Just run the game and it will detect the patch and download it.


Awesome, thanks!!