1.0.0 - Lightning doesn't detonate crystals. Help?


I’m the same guy who brought up the rename issue, but I just ran into another bug, the hard way.

On the “Night of the Living Knights” stage- where you’re pretty much expected to use the crystals in the area to blow up the knights that your defenders can’t really do much about at this point if you’re playing from the beginning- I started attempting to blow up crystals in a frantic attempt to destroy the knight revenants.

It didn’t go so well. For some reason, whenever I used lightning on the crystals, they simply disappeared. There was no explosion, and the enemies were unharmed- the crystal was gone, but that was the only tangible effect of my trying to detonate the crystals. I’m not sure why that’s the case, or if this happens with the Crystal spell (I’ll edit the results in when I get that far).

Edit: No, oddly enough, the Crystal spell works just as well as it always did- it explodes whether the timer runs out, or you strike it with lightning, no questions asked. It’s just the pre-existing crystals that seem bugged.

As before, I’m using Windows 7, Adobe Air 3.4, and version 1.0.0 of the game; Windows build. The last version I had was 0.9.01, which didn’t have this problem.


Sorry about that. We’ll try to get this fixed tomorrow! Weird that we didn’t catch it earlier.

I think the problem might be a recent change I made that ties the effect to your points in the “crystal” spell. Have you learned the crystal spell yet?


Confirmed, at least for the battle with the Armored Snails (“Night of the Living Knights”), where you are prompted to hit the blue crystals on the edges of the map (because you don’t have Knights or the Crystal Spell yet).

Zap blue crystals with Lightning, crystal disappears, no damage is dealt.

edit: blowing up your Crystal Spell crystals with your Lightning Spell works just fine; I went back to an earlier map and blew up some Attack Revenant real good.


See if you can confirm this - after you learn the crystal spell, do map crystals work? I’ll bet that’s the root of this bug.


Confirmed. Once you have Crystal Spell you can go back to the “Night of the Living Knights” battle and successfully use your Lightning spell on the pre-generated Crystals.


Great, that will be a quick fix. I’ll just make it so that if you have 0 points in crystal, detonating a map crystal will have the same strength as if the spell were at level 1.


It was indeed Level 0 (as in, I hadn’t learned the Crystal spell yet) at the time. I didn’t even think of that possibility (and I had no idea you’d respond so quickly… whoops ,=3)

That said, I’m glad to see that it seems like you got things figured out. Thanks for being so prompt and helpful. =3


I have fixed the lightning/crystal bug in my local build. It’ll take some time to roll this out, but this patch should be live today. I leave for PAX at 4:30, so I won’t be able to fix any bugs after that, so if there’s anything crucial, please post your findings immediately!


This bug is now fixed and the patch is live as 1.0.1. Just run the game and it should detect it. I’m uploading new demo builds shortly.