1.0.1 First hermit movie not showing


Windows XP, version 1.0.1

When I got to the first hermit, no movie played and I can’t find it in the movie archive either. I assume that it was supposed to - I’ve been to all of the other hermits now and they each had a movie.

One other thing with the lightning books: I’m not sure if this is a bug but they increase the psi cost of lightening considerably. It costs 10 with no books, 30 with one book, and 90 with two. If it’s not a bug then the increase isn’t mentioned anywhere and it still says psi cost of 10 on the party screen.


These are both bugs. The lightning book psi cost is an intentional balance tweak Anthony did, and it should definitely be mentioned somewhere. Also, the first hermit cutscene should definitely fire. I will try to figure out why it doesn’t work and put it in so that it immediately shows up in your archive if you’ve fulfilled the requirements for it. If I get it to work, if you’ve already been there the second you load your save in the new version it’ll play the cutscene.


Hm, let me correct myself on the lightning thing: the cost is mentioned in battle, just not outside of it on the party screen or in the book descriptions. My mistake, sorry. Thanks for looking into things.