1.0.1 Porcupine killing my units while paused


Version 1.0.1, Windows XP - It’s a new bug so I made a new thread, let me know if you just want me to dump them all in the same thread.

Against the Super Sheep in New Game+, if you have a whole lot of attacks happening at the same time (a lot, six rangers maxed and a bunch of berserkers) the system can’t keep up with all of the attacks so when you pause it can take a few seconds to catch up, with the damage numbers continuing to appear. The problem is that porcupine sometimes (not every time? I’m not sure) continues to do damage as well, but your healers aren’t healing any more because the game is paused, so you can lose units this way. Usually a ranger, when you pause right after Black Out the Sun executes. This happens more when the game is on higher speed, x2 or x4, but I’m pretty sure I had it happen to me on x1 as well.

Athlon II x3, 3.11 GHz


I likewise have noticed that when you pause the game catches up on damage. The effect can be pretty huge for bosses.


Yeah… this one’s kind of a big deal. We’ll work out a fix for it.


Same level the super sheep somehow managed to kill my archers… as far as I know there is nothing on this level that could harm them…


Found the bug - porcupine enemies are incorrectly tracking who hit them. This will be fixed in 1.0.21, and the damage queue bug will also be fixed.