201 Stars in DX, yet still missing 2 stone skull?


I have obtained all 201 golden stars in the DX version, managed to upgrade everything, yet I end up 2 stone skull short of completing the upgraded unique armor collection.

So, where the heck am I supposed to get two more skulls when I’m already 201 stars?

Addendum: Oh and, despite having upgraded every single weapon, I still didn’t get the achievement.


Oh what the heck?! Can you post your savefile so we can have a look?


I read your question in the newsletter.

Now, I am playing DX. I only need 2 more stone skulls can upgrade all the equipments with only 186 Stars.
The map still have 3(Extreme) + 1(Advance) x 3 = 6 skulls.
If not counting the last few Advance Maps, there are still enough skulls for upgrades by completed all the Extreme(stone X 3) Maps.


You should only have some few stone skulls to spare, so your savefile seems fine.