2017: Any updates? I will gladly take crumbs


Short and sweet. I preordered DQ2 the very first day it was available. I am excited for the game to finally come out. I understand that quality takes time. But I am getting myself into a bad habit of checking the page daily with hopes for a progress update only to be disappointed . Lars, I understand that taking the time to do a large post takes away time from actually developing the game. But please please please just give us some crumbs. Just let me know, should I hope for a late 2017 release or is it looking more like 2018 or even 2019?


Hey, Cappysam. So appreciate your preorder and your patience. Lars is going to put up a blog post when he has time, but behold, crumbs! The long and the short: there’ll be another update to DQ1 in the next month or so with some bug fixes and a full Chinese translation. Lars is currently trying to push DQ1 console versions through certification while working to get organized with some DQ2 alpha content before the end of the year. That’s what we’re noodling on right now, and Lars will have more details when he’s able to get everything into a blog post (which will include a full breakdown of where things are at, why they’re at where they’re at, and what’s next).

We appreciate the support of each and every one of you. You’re why Lars does what he does. As always, if you have questions or decide you’re not satisfied with your preorder purchase, send me an email so that we can take care of you. You can reach me anytime at leveluplabs@gmail.com.


Emily thank you so much for responding. This was all I wanted, just some twigs to keep the fire burning. Keep up the great work!


No problem, happy to help!