A few random questions


(1) Is it on purpose that I am 3 stone skulls away from being able to upgrade all my weapons and armor?

(2) Are there any entries in the secret diary between “Slak the Librarian” and “The End”? I have done everything (201 gold stars, used all possible skulls, all secret books, all 5 endings in both NG and NG+, all challenges, all achievements), but there is a suspicious looking gap where 5 more entries would fit.

(3) Does anyone else find DQDX to be a lot easier than DQOld?

(4) Does anyone want to figure out a linear playthrough with me? (No repeating levels, 100% failure penalty, Normal Difficulty only)


(2. Intentional. There isn’t I think. :slight_smile:

(3. Stuff with the effect like “3x DMG” are bugged so they happen to all enemies instead of the intended one. That may be why.