Abomination+ disappearing bug


I haven’t seen this bug mentioned anywhere else:

When two Abomination+ stand next to each other and of them is killed it will cause the second Abomination+ to disappear (it’s not killed because it doesn’t spawn anything)
This seems to only happen when the Abomination is killed in a corner. As can be seen in the pic the Abomination just behind the one getting killed simply disappears

The version I’m running is GOG v.1.0.52
I’ve also added a savegame if it’s necessary for a reconstruction of the bug, just place the defenders in NG+“Night of the living Knights” as seen in the picture and let it play a few times. I’ve tried it several times myself and whenever the killing shot hits the Abomination in a corner the bug appeared.


This bug was mentioned before, but Lars closed it just the last week with “doesn’t seem to happen”, so you’re just in time to prove him wrong.

From what I recall from my two previous occurences, there was really nothing “special” about where the abomination was. But if I recall correctly, in both cases it was that the abomination just disappeared when it was supposed to die and pop - I haven’t noticed it disappearing with full health like the one of yours.

I’ll try to reproduce it myself.

Edit: Yea, I just had it happen 2 out of 3 attempts on this map - and indeed it happens when the fat one bursts - sometimes enemies in range of the blast will get simply wiped out, all of them.
Doesn’t seem to be related to the death_effect blast - I’ve created a Mod with that commented out, so abominations don’t explode on death, and still I can repro it.

Bug 505 reopened.


Thanks for this catch! I’m glad to hear we have a better shot at a repro case now, I’ll see what’s going on here…

Speculation: it could very well be related to enemy recycling, where the new enemies that are being spawned from the blast grab one of the abominations to recycle instead of forcing a new object instantiation.

EDIT: making progress, but this one’s a toughie! I added some extra logging, this is helping me narrow it down.