Any mid-summer news?


It seems like news for Defender’s Quest 2 keeps getting farther and farther apart. Any strong reassuring news that the game will be coming soon? It’s been almost 4 years since the announcement for it.


I would argue that the release of the fully revamped and upgraded DQ1 in the new engine (that will also be used for DQ2) is a solid sign of progress.
If not though, are you aware of the progress tracker here (click)? Signs would indicate that we are quite close to alpha indeed.
(NOT necessarily just one point away though, new open points might be added to the system)

goes back to quietly waiting for the game to be done


I couldn’t get that progress stuff to load up before, it works now though. Just now getting ready for alpha after 4 years? I understand they make quality stuff, but I wonder how much more they’re actually doing in the 2nd game. It’s a tower defence game with some comedic story and great art, although the art does look like quite a few steps up than the first game, so I’m curious if that’s most of their holdup besides coding in general or if they just have less time.


Some more stuff you might not have been aware of can be found on Lars’ blog, including some excellent tidbits about the lore, upcoming characters, and things they’re working on:

I get that this might not be the development pace you’re used to from other projects, but I can only restate that they rewrote the entire engine for this sequel.
Taking another excellent Indie game as an example, The Banner Saga was released in 2014 and its sequel only two years later.
The main differences here is that the sequel was planned from the beginning and that it’s entirely the same engine (and world, etc.)

Would I like to hear more official news and updates myself? Yes, but not at the cost of dev resources.
Am I getting impatient? Maybe, but it’s mostly just very positive anticipation.


The devs for DQ2 don’t have it as their only project, so it gets slowed down a bit. For example, to quote from Lars’s latest blog post:

I’ve since joined the OpenFL team and we’re currently working on extending OpenFL’s C++ export functionality to support game console targets, but that’s not done quite yet.


According to the tracker we are past alpha, and the beta is ongoing now. I didn’t get any notification on that. Or we are doing DQ1 port now instead of DQ2 and I payed the devs to port the game to systems I couldn’t care less about?


Well, PSVIta release have 54 points out of 94. It’s a half way somewhere on the dead console. Cool!
Although it seems that last update was 4 month ago, so at least this is a good sign.

Also there was no notification about Beta from humble. Probably Lars never informed them, so we need to think something here about it.


The “Alpha” for DQ2 is DQ1HD. :wink:


Also, here's the controls menu for the upcoming PS4 version. You can set both speed AND inertia for moving the finger cursor with the stick

— Lars Doucet (@larsiusprime) July 13, 2017


I started following it after playing DQ1 recently. Hopefully there’s something playable like an Early Access build up at some point. That would be pretty tangible progress. With the launch trailer on youtube coming up from 3 years ago, it’s hard to get excited without something tangible by now.