Any October news?


I am a PC user, so I care less about consoles, also about dq1, what I’m excited to play is dq2.

Any update on expectancy on the beta’s release?
I check the tracker every week and it hasn’t moved in a long time :confused:



I to would like so info, as everywhere I look, everything seems to point to this being abandoned, at least by the last activity dates. I can’t help but feel that I wasted money pre-ordering this over at humble bundle, since I haven’t heard a word, for such a long time. If it’s abandoned how can I get my money back. If not then send out updates on the progress, keep in touch and let us know what is going on.


Lars still tweets about development stuff on his Twitter quite often. It’s not dead, it’s just definitely not his top priority since he also works on other projects (which also indirectly support DQ2 itself).