ArchShepherd's Staff Bug


When I purchased the game after enjoying the Demo for about a week (I was broke till payday), I found that included in my inventory was the ArchShepherd’s Staff(Think that’s the name, the one with the sheep teethmarks). This is despite not having earned it (Can’t even play that level in the demo.) Later on, when I did earn the staff, I had two of them. I equipped them both, naturally.

Coming back to it at another time, it was the next day and I’d played a few battles, I noticed that the person I had equipped with the bugged staff no longer had a weapon. The mystery staff had vanished.

Edit: Using Windows 7 and Game is Steam version 1.0.51

Edit 2: Added my Demo Save so you can see what I’m loading from.


Alright, I went back to see if I could duplicate this bug, and it looks like I can duplicate it reliably. Every time I import from my demo save, the resulting save in the full game has the ArchShepherd’s Staff.

I have attached a copy of a save file with the bugged staff.


I believe this is a workaround due to a bug in the Kongregate version which would cause a duplicate of an earlier staff but no Archshepherd stave. It happened to me as well when I imported a demo save. After I’d earned the “legit” Archshepherd stave and then reloaded my save, the extra stave disappeared but I still had the “correct” number of items (i.e. one Archshepherd stave).

Unless BOTH of your Archshepherd staves disappeared, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Just consider it early access to a powerful item as a bonus for buying the game after playing the demo. :slight_smile:


It’s certainly not causing any problems, I just figured, “Oh, hey, a technical thingy that probably isn’t supposed to work like that. I should tell someone.”


I just ran into this issue too. In the demo, ArchShepherd Staff is the reward for getting perfect/extreme in River Escape, but in the purchased game the reward for that is Charlatan’s Staff. Another part of the problem is that I can’t get Charlatan’s Staff even if I beat that level perfectly on extreme again, so I’m missing one of the unique weapons. I do remember being warned that since I’m importing a save from demo, some adjustments may be made. I think at that time it should have converted the old ArchShepherd Staff into a Charlatan’s Staff.


Thanks for pointing this out! I can add another script to the save import logic to look for this edge case. I’ll throw it on my Big List of Things To Do.