Back in the Saddle: Defender's Quest 2 / my life progress report for May 2020

Time for an extremely overdue update on everything going on with Defender's Quest 2 development and my life in general.

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Dear Larsius,

I just want to say over the years that I always check up on your progress every now and then. I just want to say your original game is the best tower defense game I’ve ever played. I don’t care if the game takes you 10-20 years to finish I’ll always check up on your progress and respect and greatly admire that you haven’t given up and keep the website up and all. I believe in your DQ2 project and I know many others out there do as well because anyone who is a veteran tower defense player knows that DQ is one of the best out there and the sequel looks so badass. It’s of course unforunate that tower defense games genre is such a niche genre and most tower defense players just don’t understand how to really make the games, but what you did with the original by combining a powerful, dark and mystical story with tower defense and RPG elements is one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen and I am definitely one of your biggest fans. Please never give up hope and I know you won’t because you are still around and not giving up on your project. You have many fans out there around the world that I know check back on your progress at least 1-2 times a year and they always will because deep in the back of their minds they will remember one of the best tower defense experiences was from your original game and they will forever await on your sequel. Please take your time and when the time is right I know the project will be finished and you will reap all the rewards for it and it will relaunch interest in your original game as well. Thanks for that DQ original game I’m about to play it again in fact and just wanted to give you some words of encouragement.

Much love and respect from a tower defense/rpg gamer to another,

  • Joshua Lee Rogers