It could be insteresting to have a Bestiary of all monsters in the game.

This bestiary will display some informations like
Attack *
Armor *
reflexive dmg
Strenghts ( immune of …, % resist of …, …)
Final Hits *
Spawns ( …)

*= depend of lvl

It could help to know what kind of monster 's sort, they belong to.

In next game+, we can upgrade a staff to deal 3*dmg against "Splitter "
But i don’t know exactly what group of monsters is “Splitters”

I suppose that is monsters who split in 2 or more monsters, but not sure…

This bestiary can grow when we meet a new sort of monsters.
We can access this bestiary at the map screen.

Sorry for mistakes, thanks for reading.


Great idea! :slight_smile:

It was a feature we planned originally for Gold release, but we cut it due to time constraints :frowning:


As the same idea, it may be interesting to have a armory for all weapon and armor.

i think the most important is for unique weapon/armor in NG+ because sometime information are not really easy to understand (moreover if you are very good in english).

later i will post a example of weapon/armor who I (and maybe other people) don’t understand the power.