Books don't teach Azra flavors + No font change


DQ1 v1.1.03 (probably v1.1.04 too) (Beta)

~=BUG 1=~
I was trying to apply burn to Azra’s spells, but it didn’t work out. I put +flav(burn,0.4,1,1.0), checked for syntax errors, but still doesn’t work! Very weird bug.

~=BUG 2=~
When defense is applied to Azra, when an enemy hits her, the defense works, but the numbers are still white and not grey.


Azra is a special case, so it’s going to be very hard for me to “fix” these bugs as they go well beyond what was originally intended.

When you add flavors to regular defenders, the flavors naturally cascade onto their attacks, but Azra has no attacks, only spells, and spells are implemented in a … not easy way to modify.


Oh, that explains it. But it would still be cool if it was possible. :wink: