Can't Buy Secret Books - Bug? (Current Steam Version)


I’ve gotten all of the gold and unobtanium skulls, but never got the opportunity to spend them. As far as I can tell, there is supposed to be a [???] button at the secret monument that brings up the secret book store, but I never saw such a button. My only options there are to enter codes or leave.

Please help! Let me know if you need any further detail, and thanks.


I reported the bug to Lars directly as well, and provided save files to demonstrate the bug.


Same thing here. There’s never been a button there for some reason. Very odd.


This issue was fixed in patch 2.1.7.


Hey hello !
I am getting the same bug. I know the issue was fixed in patch 2.1.7 but I am on Mac and I am still in 2.1.5. a
Any news about Mac version of 2.1.7 ?
Thanks !