Computer shuts down



  I don't know if anyone ever had this problem, but when I play Defender's quest for a while, my computer crashes. And when I say "crash" I mean "complete shut down that I have to press the power button to fix" (not the game, but the entire computer!). It happens whithout any warning and there's nothing in the event viewer aside from an event 6008 which means Windows got shut down unexpectedly (not very helpful in this case). It also ONLY happens when I'm playing the game which is why I'm asking the question here. I've got a windows 7 64bit which works like a charm otherwise. Anybody has any idea?  

Thanks in advance,



Since the game is a bit ressource-hungry, could you monitor your CPU (and maybe GPU) temperature? If built-in thermal throttling is not enough to keep the CPU in safe range, the computer will crash/shut down.

I remember a case of someone saying “Everytime I run the virus scanner the computer crashes after a few minutes. Must be infected!”, and it was indeed infected, by dust. That person never got his CPU to 100% over a few minutes until that day. Obviously not a gaming person :wink: