Controller Support coming to DQDX


Hey everyone,

Sorry for my extended absence. I’m going to try to pop my head in a bit more regularly. In any case, some updates for this week –

I’m rolling out a patch for gamepad and steam controller support this week, the build is already up on Steam’s test_public beta branch as version 2.1.0b (maybe 2.1.0c, I forget).

This has a whole bunch of changes since last time, most of them under the hood, but the basic upshot is:

  • Conventional gamepad support
  • Steam Controller support
  • Fixed some major performance bottlenecks
  • Moved annoying crashdumper popup windows out of startup – now they only appear right before an actual crash
  • Many small bugfixes.

I’d like to get this update pushed out live before Thanksgiving, but that means I need to track down any regressions and ensure I haven’t degraded performance and stability. If anyone has some time to give it a peek, I’d much appreciate it. Once I’ve verified it works at least as well as the last version, I’ll roll it out everywhere, including GOG, Humble, and Itch.

Once I’ve survived the holidays I’ll have some more information about our plans for 2017.