Defenders' Quest 2 hype


Who’s still lurking like me, waiting for DQ2? Just haven’t seen much on the forum lately, wondering who else is out there.

I participated in the DQ1 beta, but didn’t opt-in for DQ2 beta and feel out of the loop! Can’t wait for the game. Looks like there’s progress from the development tracker, lot of backlog closed over the last two weeks.

Thanks Lars, looking forward to the product when it’s done!


\o/ Looking forward to it, too.


I was looking forward to it, but with how long it’s been with seemingly little going on it’s hard to keep interested. I mean, one of the recent threads here is from last year asking if there’s news.

That’s not great.


I am also waiting for it. When it’s ready it’s ready :slight_smile:


Kinda in the same boat as @Tridus, if I’m being honest. I absolutely loved the first Defenders Quest, I hold it as one of the best Tower Defense games ever made. But the last post from Lars was in June, and the last post about DQ2 is a year back by now…

I can remain hyped for a game that’s been in development for 56 months, no problem. But I can’t remain hyped for months and months worth of total silence.


Good thing there hasn’t been total silence, then! :wink: Lars has been opening and closing (DQ2) issues on the tdrpg-issues repo. Still working hard on the game!


I am with you! Super stoked. Full of patience.

DQ1 is one of my favourite games of all time. I have put hundreds of hours into it. I have almost all of the gold skulls (except 3) in New Game+ solo mode. I watched all of the designer diary videos with commentary (really great! please do this for DQ2!). I love Lar’s blog posts on game design - especially “Optimize for Focus and Thinking” -

(That was the post that put into words why I hate mazing in TD games. Yes, yes, you can make an infinite maze out of moving parts. Whatever. How about instead of wasting my time, let’s assume I already did that boring, tedious part. Now skip to the good part where I get to think, and focus, and play a good game :wink: DQ does that.)

I am in no rush for DQ2. I am very happy to support Lars, as a well spoken, productive, community builder and general positive influence on the gaming scene. When it comes out, I will play it. When there is news, I enjoy it. In the meantime I wish the whole team the best of luck. Sometimes making stuff is a lot of effort.


Will be glad to play it once I’ve finished Half-Life 3 and The Winds of Winter.


Haha I love that Saqoyalat. You forgot the Kingkiller Chronicles’ sequel as well, only after all those are released can we have DQ2! I just didn’t quite understand the symbol you used after “Half-Life”, is that the Impossible Number, more than 2 but less than 4?

I think one of the best experiences in DQ was when the riddles/secrets were released (or were being actively discovered). Did you guys participate in unlocking the Unobtanium skulls? To me, that seemed like an enormous effort from Lars just to entertain the most dedicated fans. Really creative and cool. Makes the anticipation for DQ2 worthwhile. And for those of us still waiting who haven’t done them, there’s a whole 'nother layer to the game you haven’t found yet!


Right, and good, I’m glad progress is still being made. I haven’t heard a damn peep about it though. Having to dig through an issues list is hardly the same as a proper update post. Paradox has been showing off Planetfall in weekly updates, and that’s for a game that isn’t even coming out this year. Creative Assembly has been showing off intel daily for the upcoming Vampire Coast expansion. Hell, even Tindalos - a company I consider unreasonably poor at communications - has still been doing biweekly updates for Battlefleet Gothic 2, and again, that’s also not coming out this year.

I’m not saying I want Lars in here every day updating us, but at least a token update on how the game is looking one a month or so doesn’t seem completely unreasonable.