Defender's Quest is coming to PlayStation and Xbox in February 2018


Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One imminently.

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soooooooooooooooooo… i hate to be “that guy” but any chance of an android release?


Maybe! We’re trying things out on the PC for now. If things go well, definitely we’ll consider porting to other platforms.

There don’t seem to be plans for mobile, and if there ever are then it would be for tablets only.

Maybe, we haven’t decided. If so, it would only be for tablets, not phones.


Hey, congratulations man!



So @mandude just posted the excerpts from the old FAQ… a more up to date comment would be about the same though. We’ve spent an awful lot of time on ports, and I’m not sure I have the energy for a mobile port. If we did another port, it would be the Switch, but to be clear we aren’t prepared to publicly announce even that an official platform just yet.


Congratulations, Lars et al. I haven’t any consoles, personally, but I hope it sells nicely. :slight_smile:


The relook looking great !! Will we have it on PC as well ? and when ?


PSVita shows Emily instead of Azra for a name. I’d guess you’d like to show off the fact you can re-name them (hence beefcake), but not sure you intended to show it in that manner.

Also was thinking about the impact on speed-running. First thought was “maybe console can get faster times”… and then I thought of how at top speed I mildly chord, and Syl actively chords the keyboard. (Not true cords since it is one letter at a time, but it isn’t poke typing, or even quite like normal touch typing. Things like RS maps to primary sleet mage is closer to a command c style chord than anything else.) So unless there is a battle eval bug, computer remains the fastest input system and will win any speed runs.

Given many speed run games are emulated consoles though, maybe we will pick up more players. Being both #2 and last is a bit sad, I’d love to see others taking a shot at it. (Hey any current people - try a speed run! It’s fun, and shouldn’t take more than 2 hours even on your very first try.)


The game has always been on PC. :slight_smile: It’s up on Steam and GOG and itch!

@Ethan I’d love to try it, but I lack processing power and speedrunning a game when you have a very glaring disadvantage compated to others is not nearly as much fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as I know the current PC build has some processing leak that crushes all speed runs anyway. (Unless that got fixed already, but I don’t think it was clear why it was happening. It’s a bit mean to ask it to just slap out 16x flawlessly on any old toaster… but some of the builds have anyway it seems.) The only reason I can try anything right now is I’ve got a Mac - and some really weird issues getting updates. On the flip side I can’t get the secret books, which for a NG+ run means I can’t seem to do much better than my 6 hour 50 minute run. (This should remain a category, but 'tis pretty hard core. Any time you need to pre-stock a Nalgene for liquids before you start… ya.)

Even if you can roll back to the previous build somehow, you’re going to have to keep the graphics down to around original settings. I was marveling at how solid speed was on the HD re-release. A friend of mine tried the demo, and first thing he did was set it to full 1080 HD (or beyond?) - and it didn’t even play the first levels at 1x speed. (Also Mac, so we get some weird extra problems sometimes.)

I can attest though that the legacy build (which I still have, cause again, weird deploy problems for me at one point), even capped at 4x speed instead of 16x, can be pushed to the 1.5 hour range. Not competitive any more, but a good way to get some practice and routing while we wait for the next build to fix the speed problem while still having all books.

That is one very nice thing to consoles though - until recently, it was basically the exact same hardware for everyone, so getting an advantage with a “better rig” didn’t even make sense. When operating as intended though, the PC build is close to that. And if enough people get into it, Lars sounded open to trying to tweak out an option to support it, so that maybe the game itself can report times without loading counted or something like that. (Although it probably needs a maximum load time grace amount, or you’ll be trying to run on slower computers to catch a longer breather!)


mandude yes i have it on pc and pre order the second, my question was about the new look. Do i have to buy again the game to get the new design or a DLC ?


There is no new design or DLC. Do you mean the DX update? What platform did you buy the game from?