Defender's Quest is red on Wikipedia


Which is a huge disappointment, given that it’s listed on several notable pages. Even Lars is red, despite all the notable things he’s done and is doing for Haxe. - The only red links on the page. - Not even a blue/red link.

Does anyone want to help write an entry for DQ? I once started to once, until I realized that I didn’t have the billions of hours necessary to read every single Wikipedia formatting rule as well as Wikipedia culture to understand what policies to abide. Plus I’m not a very good writer. :smile:


The thing about Wikipedia is that if you post it, probably other people will correct it, but it’s better than nothing. I’m not much of a wiki editor myself, and I tend to remember facts wrong. I’d help proofread if you want to write something.


I would write an extensive page, but unfortunately I’m not very good at writing long stuff.

As you can see from this post.

And speaking of Wikipedia, should Defender’s Quest have its own article? It does have some unused/placeholder stuff after all.