DQ2 Alpha (Download?)


Hey, first time poster here so sorry if this doesn’t get across properly.

So I’m sure I pre-ordered DQ2 at some point in time but the problem I’m having is I don’t remember which version I pre-ordered lol. I want to say I went ham and got alpha but I could have changed my mind and when for beta. Who knows?

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to check who pre-ordered which version of the game so I can have some clarity. And if I do find some information that shows I pre-ordered the alpha version how would I go about getting/downloading it?

EDIT: I just found a old email saying that I did in fact purchase the alpha-version of the game. Glad that’s cleared up. Still wondering how I go about actually claiming it lol.


Try to contact Lars, I think he’s the one in charge of this. :stuck_out_tongue: (Also fyi DQ2 alpha is practically DQDX lol, but Alpha backers get Beta too so don’t worry).


Thanks for the info, any idea on how I should go about contacting him? Like does he have a email or special site where I can contact him?


Mentioning him here @larsiusprime works, you can also contact him: http://www.leveluplabs.com/?page=contact


I didn’t want to create a new thread just to mention @larsiusprime @mandude , and I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask about alpha access.
I recently purchased the Defender’s Quest II - Alpha tier package, and I read in the forums that I could redeem my alpha access by contacting Lars.
I might not be going about this in the right way, and I apologize if I went about this incorrectly.
Get back to me about alpha access when you have the time, Lars. I understand that you are very busy.


Hey there. If you’ll send an email to leveluplabs@gmail.com with your forum username and the email address you’d like the google invitation sent to, we’ll get you squared away. Thanks for your preorder!


Is the process supposed to be automated? I never received access to download the Alpha. Granted, I did just buy it maybe 8 hours ago. Still, if it is automated, I imagine it would have gone through almost immediately. I’ll email leveluplabs@gmail.com.


I am in the same situation as Cracatoa and I have sent email to leveluplabs@gmail.com as Emily suggested earlier.

I also sent a request to Lars but that was last week and I still haven’t heard anything back, from either request.

Is the game really in Alpha now?


DQ2 itself isn’t really in alpha, since that would actually be DQ1HD. But don’t worry, once DQ2 actually becomes playable you’ll be sure to get some news.


Hey, guys. Has everyone on this thread gotten fixed up now? I think so, but if not, do give a shout to leveluplabs@gmail.com. The process of granting alpha access is manual, so contacting us at that email address with your name and preferred email gets the ball rolling.

Before DQDX was released, we were giving DQ2 alpha backers access to those builds. We plan on having DQ2-specific alpha builds up by the end of this year, but we’re happy to give alpha backers access to the build servers now (ie, just hooking up the infrastructure & stuff) to make things that much easier when DQ2 alpha builds start going up. So appreciate your patience!