DQ2 alpha need your help


Hey everyoe, i still dont know how to get the alpha and where download it. Can you help me?


Have you bought the alpha tier from the pre-order page?


Yes i take the 50 dollars pack


Hmm, you should probably e-mail Lars about this then. He can take care of this situation.


Yes i will, thank’s :slight_smile:


I too bought the alpha ($100 tier) and am not sure where to go to download/access it. Both the game AND the forum, I’m not really sure where to find them.


Someone from the dev told me that the alpha isnt ready yet. Will be earlier in 2017.


Why does the site say “estimated release: now” then?


Maybe I have my terminology wrong but I’m pretty sure beta is what is coming in 2017, alpha has been out for a while (or it might have been pre-alpha… bah whatever). @larsiusprime come clarify pls