DQ2 pre-alpha "aleph" 0.0.0 bugs and comments


I was told the normal bug tracking system is going to be replaced soon, so just post a comment on the forum. I’m not sure which forum, though, so feel free to move this post to wherever it makes sense.

This is for DQ2 pre-alpha “aleph” א release 0.0.0 .

I’m going to start off with a comment about something I think was deliberate, but I don’t care for. Map dragging seems to have a somewhat mushy and disconnected feel. Sub-part 1: When dragging the map, the display follows the mouse pointer, decelerating when it gets close. Since you are directly dragging the map, to me it feels more normal to have it follow the mouse pointer exactly. Sub-part 2: After dragging the map, stopping the mouse movement, but still keeping the mouse button held down, the map still smoothly scrolls a bit until it matches the mouse position. This feels awkward, as the map is moving even though I’m holding it still. Having some momentum after letting go of the mouse button might make some sense, but not while holding the button. (The map dragging in DQ1 feels more natural to me: the map follows your dragging exactly.)

On a positive note, I do like that it only took me only two tries in hero mode to beat the sheep level on extreme difficulty. :sunglasses:

update: GitHub issue #12


When dragging the map, I sometimes get about a quarter-second to half-second graphics freeze. I can’t find any relationships between the area of the map, the delay length, or the drag length. The freeze can also happen when the map is scrolling while following Azra’s movements between waypoints. When moving directly from the very start to start of the final cave and back a few times, I saw the freeze happen one to three times (and again, with the freeze not happening at any particular time). This is in the default 800 by 600 windowed mode.

This is under 32-bit Windows XP on a dual-core AMD Athlon 64; the freezes seemed to take longer when I forced the game to use a single core.

** update 1**: I also tested this under 64-bit Windows 7 on a dual-core Intel E7500 . Again, the freezes seemed to take longer when I forced the game to use a single core.

update 2: GitHub issue #13


When dragging the map around, the map “pearls” appear to move a bit out-of-step with most of the rest of the map. This is most noticeable when dragging the map a little bit: the level circles and stars move slightly differently than the rest of the background and small white dots connecting levels.

update: GitHub issue #14


Thanks for these!

I think we’ll eventually move our bugtracking system to github, and I’ll use waffle.io as my productivity wrapper.

We’ll have a public repo anyone with a github account can post bugs to, and then I’ll pull those into my interface and mix with my own internal issues:


I’m not 100% sure about this yet, but I’m leaning towards it. If so, I’ll pull these bugs in myself.