DQII: platforms announced, DQI: Vita, Limited Run, Switch, OpenFL Console Targets


Hey everybody,

A quick info-dump update on everything I've been working on lately.

We're doing a physical release with Limited Run Games, for the PS4 and the PSVita. We don't have a date on that yet, but we will absolutely announce it on our mailing list so you don't miss out on the chance to get a copy if you want one.

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Nice. Just wanted to say two (+ bonus) things.

  1. Thank you for being transparent. I have DQ fanart as an avatar at some places, and it’s nice to see when (very rarely) someone recognizes it and comments about it, usually mentioning how DQ2 will never get ready, and I always defend you because I know if it won’t come, you will tell us, and until you don’t, it is coming (this sounds empty/meaningless, but I think you understand what I mean). It just takes time, and you explained it in multiple posts what takes your time.
  2. That art for the physical copies is dope. Azra is very determined, but I thought the Golden Guy is a bit more buff.
    +1) I’m still sad that DQ2 is not about Azra and company. I mean sure, every story has to end somewhere, but they just forged together as a team, and I really got attached to them.

All in all, after Factorio this game was the best ~$10 spent (I don’t remember how much it was, I bought it through Armored Games in 2012, and now that I found the PayPal authorization I see it was $5), good times.


Well, thanks for the update but for a post that was about providing some clarity it was kinda unspecific. You just say “PC,” but which PC platforms? Windows? Linux? Mac? (Okay, technically Macs aren’t PCs… but still.)


I think PC is intended to cover anything that can use steam. I had still an old classic build kicking around on my HD, but DQDX required hooking it up^ to steam, suggesting this is the way forward for “PC”. I know now I get patches on my mac at the same time as windows boxes do - although I think that is primarily Lar’s decision and the patches could be de-synced if needed.

^ Turns out, I had the weird case where afaik I bought the preorder direct. After an extended time not getting any updates, I’d asked Lars about it, and he directed me on to steam. I think as far as he knew, my old setup shouldn’t even have existed, since I hadn’t gotten it though any of the expected channels. He ended up sending over a fully new key to get it set up on steam, since we couldn’t track down how I’d gotten the old version.

I do intend, one of these days, to try and re-check the 201 star hero mode difficulty between DQDX and classic, since I’ve got both. I think item bugs were the only difference we knew of - both old and new. All the new ones are fixed (as far as we know) - I don’t know if the old item bugs (that make them less effective than intended) matter for pushing the limit like that.


It’ll be on all of them–Windows, Mac, and Linux