Elements and Leeches: DQ2 progress report for May 2021

Howdy Defender's Quest fans!

The past few months we've been focused on minions, now that those are all mostly designed and roughly balanced, we're moving back into level design and filling in other parts of the game's content. Here's a few interesting things we've released in the new update:

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Yup, you’re welcome. I’m reading this, having no clue what you are talking about, but sounds exciting. Good to hear that my preordered game is still in the works and gets better every month.

Keep on doing the good work!

Just want to say, my gf picked this game out when I was on Kongregate as I was showing her my childhood games and was about to show her Gemcraft (or some other TD that I had already played) until she spontaneously clicked on DQ1. I thought to myself “oh boy she picked some trash game. I don’t want to discourage her so we’ll play this till she sees it sucks and then play a better TD” little did I know I would become heavily addicted to this game and play it every day for months starting just the very next day. I absolutely love this game so much and cannot wait for DQ2 to come out. thank you so much for putting the time and dedication into what you do rather than just looking for a money grab game like so many others… cough cough cyberpunk cough cough… keep on doing great work and again. I EAGERLY WAIT FOR DEFENDERS QUEST 2!!!