Expired Certificate


Unsure if anyone else encountered this, but I got a cert error from my OS (Mac) when I launched the game, and it didn’t find the server for updates. Looked like it expired yesterday - maybe a new one is in the works and just was slow finding me, but thought I’d better bring it up in case it wasn’t noticed yet.

If I click though the cert error fast enough the game does then recognize the update server fine. And of course you wisely added the ability to just bypass that part entirely (which I need whenever I play while on the train to work).



Guess I’ll put that on the todo list :slight_smile:


Just updated our certificate on Dreamhost. Let’s Encrypt is awesome! Should filter through in a few hours.


The issue is now resolved for my computer, so it looks like that did do what you were hoping. Presumably it will clear soon for anyone else who had it, if it hasn’t already.