Eztli's Hand unkilable


I have this problem the Eztli’s Hand is unkilable, I had all my units positioned by its path, all my units were upgraded to 5, Iam level 60 as my units are, and I was trying to finish normal game… but Iam unable to kill it…all my units firing at it… and after like 5minutes all my units were able to damage it for 100damage? Huh? Is it bug or somehing? Same thing happens on 2star and 3star battle on normal mode. Please help


(For anybody else wondering where this is: this battle is near the end, where the paths split and you can choose to just run away or keep fighting the big bad guy.)

Are you having a problem with the initial boss-like spawn, “Eztli’s Hand”, that looks like a hand? Or are you having a problem with the “High Priest” that spawns after you defeat the hand, digits, and all the other waves (a little dialog appears when it spawns)?

I forget if the game mentions this, but you can click on a monster to see its stats, and you can hover over some of the icons, like the strengths (arm icon) to see its special strengths, and spawns (egg icon) to see what it spawns after it dies.

“Eztli’s Hand” is only immune to blind, knock back, devour, freeze, stun, and psi shield. So most attacks should damage it. (I’m pretty sure I kept moving Markos down the line my first time through on each play-through, with maybe one or two others for support.)

The “High Priest” is immune to a lot of things (hover the arm icon to see the full list). So you just have to find something that is not in that list to damage it. Since it sounds like you’ve tried already and haven’t found a good combination, just run the game at maximum speed to see what happens.

(Side note: you got everybody to level 60 in the first play-though? Eek, that would have been a bunch of grinding, even with the 300% XP option.)


Could you post a screenshot showing the monster stats? What was the monster’s armor? Did it get decreased properly by knights’ armor break skill?


Is this the actual Felicia Day? I know she plays Defender’s Quest based on a tweet from Lars a while back, so it’s a wonderful surprise if so. :smile:

When you click on enemies and they have a Shield icon in their stats, that means they have armor. You need your Knights with ArmorBreak skills to bash off that armor hit by hit, allowing you to actually damage it. The Hand has a lot of armor on it, so your knights might take a while to leave it exposed. You can see the Shield get depleted with each strike, so you can tell if you’re making any real progress.

Be sure to continue on into Play+ mode when you complete the game via the save select menu, by the way. You can always return to Normal mode to obtain any spellbooks or stars you may have missed if you need to. The real meat of the story and mechanics get introduced there. :smiley: There’s also a game-within-a-game hidden inside of Defender’s Quest with the Book of Secrets and the Desert Idol that appears on the world when it’s equipped, the puzzles can be a little bit frustrating though.


If it’s the “high priest” (in the red cloak) , then (mild spoiler):

this is an unkill-able enemy, there’s a story event that’s supposed to trigger at the very last minute before the priest hits azra and save you. So if you’ve been restarting just before she gets hit thinking you’re about to lose, fear not – just let it play out. If he’s actually wiping her out, then yeah, that’s a bug

(Sorry, need to get the spoiler plugin working properly on this forum)

We’re supposed to have fixed this bug a long time ago but just we haven’t, some measures to look into:

  1. Try going into options->misc and turning on battle dialogue to “always”.
  2. What version of the game are you running? It should be on the title screen in the lower right.


I don’t think it’s the Red Cloak guy, because she mentions it being present for 5 minutes and being able to actually damage it. Archers can poison the Hand even at 1000 armor and damage it I think, but nothing hurts Red Cloak.


Right you are. If it is indeed the giant monster-hand boss, then the problem is almost certainly needing to strip off the armor at first. You’ll need lots of knights to take off the armor. Make sure you have plenty of points in the “armor break” passive ability in the skill trees of the knights you want to use (in the party menu you can re-arrange skill points by clicking the “reset points” button for a small scrap cost, in case your knights do not have any free points to put into armor break).

This way, with each strike they make against the hand, they’ll knock off a few points of armor. Then your strategy becomes wailing on the hand with knights until the armor is totally removed (you can tell because the eye in the middle of the hand will open), at which point you can switch to more conventional attacks.