Feedback and Requests


Im glad I bought Defenders Quest. I’d rate it a 7/10. I am hungry for a Defenders Quest 2 but I cant find any news about your next project.

Main reason I bought the game: tried demo on Steam and liked it. No way I wouldve bought it without a demo, advertisement pictures hardly did the game justice. So glad demo wasnt buggy like most demos are.


  1. (Better graphics) obvious but not a huge deal.
  2. Better balance between skill upgrades/add new upgrades (some upgrades are really good and others arent worth more than a single point).
  3. More depth (game really isnt deep imo) and add multiple “winning” strategies. I am a tower defense and rpg veteran so I understand that simplicity is for “newbs” but I learned an easy strat to win halfway through the game and barely had to adjust it. (Knight, ice priest, and Healer near spawn points, 3 or 4 super archers in the middle, beserkers down stream of armor destroying knights etc etc)
  4. Part of the experience can be ruined if you get too much experience and then play a “tough” map and its super easy. Perhaps have challenges that scale with, or are independent from, exp.
  5. More/different music.
  6. More unit types (like axe throwers) or races (Trolls, Naga) or human cultures (Aztec, Middle Eastern, Viking).
  7. More goals to accomplish on the battle map, like blowing up creature nests, maybe making your own buildings, castable spells for every unit class (with large cooldowns so you dont have to spam them constantly), some actions other than killing bad guys that gets you extra psi.
  8. More leader spells/actions. Perhaps a spell that takes a minute or two to cast or your leader can move to a better location over time.
  9. Definitely more and more interesting bad guys. Seriously there were like only 4 main groups of bad guys: tanky bad guys with high hp, fast bad guys, the enemy leader hero, and the stealth bad guys that required the healers to reveal them. A little bit of a let down in noticeable variety…

Possible Bug:
Last map, super easy. The god king has risen on advanced was super easy. I know I can go back and do the hardest level but the easyness suprised me. A map 3 or 4 battles previous to that was really hard. I wasnt even trying to get extra exp or equipment.

DLC Opinion:
Im totally in favor of DLC, AS LONG AS IT HAS A DEMO. I think that is one of the big problems with people buying DLC and being let down. If you get a demo of the DLC, then the customer can make up their own mind if its worth it. Often DLC is usually buggy and not honest about its features, with a demo you can see.


Just a few comments:

  1. graphics doesn’t make a game. There are games I’d even dare to all ugly that are fun to play - and I’ve seen a truckload of polished garbage :slight_smile:

  2. yea, balance issues are known and modders might address them…

  3. How do you imagine “multiple winning strategies”? That some maps would be easiest to win using just one class? (BTW, there obviously are multiple winning strategies - mine doesn’t have Ice mages in it :slight_smile: ).
    I see the depth of the game in variety of character builds within class.

  4. This applies to all games and there’s really no reason to push for a solution - for one simple reason - the ability to grind when the game becomes too difficult for you allows even less skilled players to enjoy the game. If you overgrind, that’s your fault, not the game’s fault. Perhaps, however, what the game could do is, based on betatest player experiences, annotate the maps for something like “recommended level”, so that players would know that attempting this map before the army core is at level X would be very challenging.

  5. I wonder how many people actually listen to game music (long-term). In most cases, I appreciate the soundtrack but after a few hours/days of playing I switch it off anyway even if it’s very good, and play my own music…

  6. I’m not a big fan of variety just for the sake of it. I don’t mind more unit types as long as they have a significantly different “feel” for the gameplay. So, how should the trolls behave to not be just knights without armor?

  7. More goals is certainly fun, i.e. extra spawn points like the ones in Gemcraft Labyrinth. I don’t like the idea of unit spells - either they’d be automatic, and then it’s just another unit skill, or it would become a bit too micromanagement-oriented game.

  8. Since the leader doesn’t fight and essentially is just the exit point to protect, I don’t think it should be movable. More spells? Why not, but again, come up with interesting ideas. Now, with the skill cap 15, there’s still more than enough spells

  9. Erm, there are actually a few more main groups of bad guys, and I’d say that quite matching the TD standard set of normal, fast, tough, armored, spawning, crowded… The only “classic” missing type is flying enemies, but we have ranged attackers instead, plus the stealth darkies - and NG makes it far more interesting with a variety of extra properties. I would definitely NOT call it a letdown in variety.

There is a known balance issue, I’ve already reported that as there is a big jump in difficulty that should be addressed.


I really dont appreciate your condescending tone, like you are the final judge of anything. Are you by chance less than 16? Make YOUR OWN post for YOUR OWN (and probably bad) opinion. You copy my list and make snide little comments next to everything, with no insight or intelligence.

Reading Comprehension:

I said I’d like to see better graphics, but it wasnt that big a deal. Ofc you had to comment and say basically said “ive seen good games with bad graphics, you wrong!!”. Real wisdom kid. Stating overly broad possibilities means nothing.

This game was super simple, yet fun. I would like to see more deep strategy in the next installment.


Sorry, no offense meant. English is not my primary language, if that can be used as an excuse.

— Begin quote from ____

Stating overly broad possibilities means nothing.

— End quote

Exactly. That’s why some of my comments were asking for a bit more specific ideas, because asking for more classes just for the sake of it doesn’t achieve much.

And if you think that all my comments were snide and little with no insight or intelligence, maybe you could try actually reading them thoroughly and responding to them individually, instead of focusing your effort on trying to flame me (with no insight or intelligence, too).

I’m as much interested in new suggestions as anybody else, but to me “let’s have axe throwers” isn’t really a suggestion. Throw in some detail about how should they work so that they would offer gameplay different from existing classes, that they would add the strategic depth you desire.


Okay, admin here.

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I now return you to our regularly scheduled forum thread about feedback and requests.

In short, the current game’s feature set is frozen, but I’d be more than happy to look at your suggestions with regards to a possible sequel. There’s a lot of things I’d like to improve about the original game. The game has mod support, so to a certain extent things you disliked about it can be modified to suit your tastes.

As for the original post, here’s my thoughts as a designer:

  1. Graphics are definitely something we’re working on for the sequel. Taste is a bit subjective - some like it, some don’t, but it’s the most commonly listed thing people would like to see improved and we get that. The main things we’re looking into is better and more efficient cutscene art, and more coherent art direction overall.
  2. There’s a lot of hidden depth to the skill trees that’s easy to miss, but for the sequel we’d like to overhaul it as there are definitely a few “dump stats” in there.
  3. The really deep strategies tend to manifest on the harder difficulty levels, character-limited bonus challenges, sidequests, and throughout new game+ mode, but that’s just me. Have you played New Game+ yet?
  4. A fair point. This one’s hard to deal with as it’s a side effect of the fundamental design philosophy, but this is mostly what the bonus and end-game missions on New Game+ are meant to address. Once you’ve hit level cap, there’s no way to “grind” your way past those missions and they force you to internalize everything you’ve learned so far. That’s the idea, at least.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, all depends on budget :slight_smile:
  6. Mostly up to our story writer for the next game, and again, budget :slight_smile:
  7. Definitely interested in exploring some things along these lines for the sequel.
  8. Also thinking along these lines for the sequel.
  9. Difficulty really depends on where you are at when you face him, and that’s why we have an extreme challenge there. He’s supposed to be super hard in New Game+, especially on extreme.