Gamersgate DQ not updating beyond 1.0.51


My wife and I purchased the game last weekend off Gamersgate, and are really enjoying it–only now I realize from your notes here that it isn’t updating. We’ve got 1.0.51, and despite having auto-patch on, it checks, but never finds anything. (We get a statement, “Checking for patches…” Then the game continues to load.) Nor does Gamersgate have any patches available.

I’m running on an XP SP3 workstation; she’s running a Win7 laptop. Any idea what’s going on? We’ve even turned off our firewalls very briefly, and it makes no difference. It’s a great game, but it appears we can’t download your bugfixes.

UPDATE: Tried redownloading and installing from Gamersgate over the last install. Still installed 1.0.35, and patched to 1.0.51. Autopatcher still checks for patches, but doesn’t find any, and doesn’t update.


Sorry about that! There’s no actual bug here, it’s just I’m not done with pushing the update out.

It’ll be ready soon! It takes about 24 hours to do a full deploy, and that’s if nothing goes wrong. Yesterday, something went wrong (I broke the Steam mac build) and I’m scrambling to fix that right now.

GamersGate/Desura/Direct-Sale builds should be up soon, Monday at the latest.

UPDATE: rolling out a windows build to the public server now, this should cover most cases while I put out fires.
UPDATE: windows build on the update server. I’ll put out the Mac/Linux builds Monday after I fix the problem with the Steam/Mac build, then probably set the Linux/Steam build live.

Pardon our dust!


Thanks very much. I appreciate your quick and direct response. Downloading now. :slight_smile: