Hero Mode(+) achievement


I’ve hired no generic recruits. Although I have accidentally entered the recruit menu I immediately canceled out of it.
I have all the yellow stars in the normal game and beaten all the bonus challenges but this achievement refuses to complete. I’ve also beaten both endings in NG+ (with blue stars on Normal) and the Hero Mode+ achievement also fails to complete. However I do show 88% completion for Hero Mode++ with 159 yellow stars and no generic heroes.

I’m playing on WinXP through Steam. And I just realized, in complete shock, that the the achievements are indeed registered on Steam as unlocked. :shock: Awkward.

Afflicted savegame attached.


It’s a minor bug in the in-game achievement interface, you did everything right. There’ll be a fix out in the next patch and you shouldn’t have to do anything except load your save file to get the achievements after I fix it :slight_smile:


Sweet, thanks


This bug is still active, correct? The only releases I currently see are test build ones, but I could be missing something!


Have you tried it in version 1.0.57 on the test server yet?

Also - do you have tester credentials? If not, PM me and I’ll give them to you.


I have not tested it on a test build - do the test builds hook up to Steam achievements :o ?


Not exactly, though they can. They report to their own in-game interface, which should give you some clue as to whether it’s working. I can also upload updated steam-compatible builds which you can copy-paste into your steamapps folder to run through steam, and that WILL connect, but that’s a little more complicated.


Hi. I not played DQ a very long time (since 0.9… version), then i return to game and update to version 1.0.64. I notice achievements appearance. Im have receive ALL “Hero Mode” achievements (+ and ++ also) and decide hire generic heroes for the rest achievements but after this i detect disappearance ALL “Hero Mode” achievements. :cry: Sorry for my dire language.

Operating system - Windows XP
Game version - 1.0.64
I not signed up for testing.


That’s weird!

I’ll try to fix this in the next version. In the meantime, there’s a hack for getting the Hero mode achievements after you’ve hired generics- export your save file to make a backup, edit the backup by removing the entries for all generic characters in a text editor, then import it back in to a blank save slot. You should instantly get all the hero mode achievements, assuming you’ve gotten enough stars.


Hm. It works, but after hiring first generic all “hero mode” achievements a nullify again. Maybe i doing something wrong, so i just stick my backup export file. I hope that be useful.