Holy Light Freeze issue


I’m experiencing an issue where the game freezes when my healer uses Holy light, it goes off randomly and isnt linked to anything except the usage of holy light as far as i can tell.

*Change- its not just holy light, i think its every think the healer does that is causing this, because even when holy light is off it freezes and even if everything but holylight is off it freezes so the healer is breaking my game.


I can confirm this. I registered because I wanted to open a thread about my game freezing, it got especially worse with New Game+ and now I was on a map that I could not even finish becaue my game froze every single time!

So after reading your thread I tried exactly this map again, but I did not cast a healer… And it worked. No freeze. So something is definitely up with him.


I’ll look into this and see if I can repro.


I can confirm this, sometimes the game completely freezes - or only partially (i can change speeds but nothing really happens). If I recall my healers from the field everything goes back to normal.


I was having the same issue, but I didn’t tie it to Healers until reading this thread.
After testing myself, removing healers from battle does work. However, since this is sub-optimal, I found that reducing Particles to 0% (Options Menu>Options>Video) also removed the problem. Even having them at 10% still caused freezes for me.

Scratch that - I’ve started having freezes at 0% now. It seems to have fixed it only on that specific level, as it continued to freeze elsewhere.


Pretty sure this is fixed in the latest test build, version 1.0.69. If you don’t have tester access, PM me and I’ll let you in.