How do I refund/cancel my DQII - Game Tier preorder?


I preordered this game a while ago when I still believed that the game would come out in a reasonable time. Right now, I’m unsure whether it will ever even come out. I would like to cancel my preorder and get my money back.


I’m not sure that’s how preorders work, but I hope it at least sparks some response, because honestly the progress bar and the progress reports are not filling me with hope.


Although I am currently undecided, I am also considering a refund and would like to know the method of getting one. :slight_smile:


If it was preordered trough Humble - probably we need to do this trough humble.
Problem is banks. My card was changed and updated and expired. So my guess would be to ask humble to use humble wallet or code, because banks may not access this ‘refund’ transaction and it may be considered as money income, taxes and so on.

Also I would suggest to tickle Lars in other channels. He was telling before that he forgets about this forum almost always. So twitter, facebook and so on first, refund later :slight_smile:


I paid with paypal, so credit card should not be an issue for me.
However I unfortunately see that humble says this:
"NOTE: Please be aware that 60 days after a purchase, it is no longer possible for us to issue refunds, so please contact us as soon as possible. "
This isn’t fair when it’s a preorder for a game that takes way longer than 60 days to come out and then possibly never does. Any advice? Is there another way?


Hey, guys. We’re very happy to issue refunds for anyone who’s unhappy with their preorder purchase. No worries about the 60 day policy through Humble; we can get around that on our side of things. To get the ball rolling, simply email, and we’ll get you fixed up!


Emily, maybe fill out with the progress?


I just emailed you. I’m sorry, but $100 is a lot of money that could go a long way on other things and I’m no longer hyped about the game. I’ve kinda taken my life in a different direction and I am less hyped about steam games in general. :heart:


No worries, we certainly understand.

In terms of an update, Lars is still working full-time to port DQ1 to consoles. There are no plans to cancel DQ2, and it’s next up in the queue, but the console port is simply taking longer than expected.

The Steam environment is changing for devs, and diversifying is important in the new ecosystem, but gosh does it ever affect development time. It’s frustrating for this DQ community, and for us, and we sincerely appreciate your patience. In the next few months, the progress tracker will continue to be quiet, but not because DQ2 is abandoned and forgotten. When there’s more to report, and when the gears start turning, rest assured you guys will be the first to know.


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