How Porting to the PSVita improved performance everywhere else


Now that we've shipped on the PSVita, I've finally written a big article about all the ins and outs of profiling and optimization necessary to run on the device. The cool part is that most of these optimizations carried over to all other platforms, including PC (and will feature in DQII as well).

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Very cool post Lars! Thanks for sharing in such detail, and congrats on the improvements! This article is well written from a technical point of view. It is also fun and entertaining to read :slight_smile:

Which fix surprised you the most? :slight_smile: The one that got me was where you use Insertion Sort to draw sprites over and under each other. Wow! Seems obvious, but definitely an ‘aha/gotcha’ moment.

Because the ‘Endless 2’ level gave you so much trouble, I’d just like to say: thanks for making it and putting it in the game! :wink: Playing it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I ever used that strategy for “Dragons at the front with stun, followed by knights with knockback”. Now I’ll have to go back and try it…