How to make a translation for the new DX version of DQ I?


Hello there! Greetings from China!
I brought DQ1 long time ago, and it didn’t take long for me to lose the interests(very common for me). But recently I found that this game have a brand new HD version. So I decide to replay this game and try to make a Chinese translation of this game!
Because I’m a college student whose major is information security(so, don’t except the quality of this translation), I thought I can make this on my own. But after I changed the index.xml, added the flag picture, copied the en-US translation file to zh-CN folder, the game crashed at the startup and popup a messagebox which says “Duplicate attribute” I thought it was because I messed the “index.xml” up. But I can’t find the problem. So I’m here asking for help.
Here is the index.xml(SteamApps/common/DefendersQuest/deluxe/assets/locales/index.xml) I modified:
`<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<!--Add list of files you're including in your localization here
    The engine will NOT load any files that are not listed.	

<file id="ui" value="achievements.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="bonus.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="defender.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="enemy.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="enemy_plus.tsv"/>
<file id="items" value="items.tsv"/>
<file id="journal" value="journal.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="status_effects.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="core.tsv"/>
<file id="ui" value="maps.tsv"/>
<file id="goodies" value="goodies.tsv"/>
<file id="mods" value="mods.tsv"/>
<file id="cutscene" value="scripts.tsv"/>

<file id="fonts" value="fonts.xml"/>

<!--Add locale entries here. 

The locale id is the ISO 639-1 country language code with 2-letter country suffix:

1) Add the locale entry
2) Add a corresponding folder with localization content matching the id
3) Add a corresponding flag image in the _flags folder matching the id
4) Add any labels you want to display the language text in the menu


<!--American English-->
<locale id="en-US" default="true" sort="0">
	<font value="verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<status value="100%" word="Status"/>
	<contributors value="James Cavin, Level Up Labs"/>
	<ui language="Language" region="Region" accept="Okay"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="English" region="United States"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Inglés" region="Estados Unidos"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Englisch" region="Vereinigte Staaten"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Anglais" region="États-Unis"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Engelsk" region="U.S.A."/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Angličtina" region="Spojené státy"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Angielski" region="Stany Zjednoczone"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="英語" region="アメリカ合衆国"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Aнглийский" region="Соединенные Штаты"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="영어" region="미국"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="英语" region="美国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Inglês" region="Estados Unidos"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Inglese" region="Stati Uniti"/>
<!--Castillian Spanish-->
<locale id="es-ES" sort="2" official="true" beta="true"> 
	<font value="verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<status value="75%" word="Estado"/>
	<contributors value="Felipe Mercader Martínez"/>
	<ui language="Idioma" region="Región" accept="Vale"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Spanish" region="Spain"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Испанский" region="Испания"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Español" region="España"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Spanisch" region="Spanien"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Espagnol" region="Espagne"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Spansk" region="Spania"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Španělský" region="Španělsko"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Hiszpański" region="Hiszpania"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="スペイン語" region="スペイン"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="스페인어" region="스페인"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="西班牙语" region="西班牙"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Espanhol" region="Espanha"/>
   <label id="it-IT" language="Spagnolo" region="Spagna"/>
<!--German German-->
<locale id="de-DE" sort="1" official="true" beta="true">
	<font value="verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<status value="95%" word="Status"/>
	<contributors value="Fabian Bindel, Thomas Faust, Alexander Sturm"/>
	<ui language="Sprache" region="Region" accept="Okay"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-NES,en-GB,en-CA" language="German" region="Germany"/>        
	<label id="es-ES" language="Alemán" region="Alemania"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Deutsch" region="Deutschland"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Allemand" region="Allemagne"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Tysk" region="Tyskland"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Němčina" region="Německo"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Niemiecki" region="Niemcy"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="ドイツ語" region="ドイツ"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="독일어" region="독일"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Немецкий" region="Германия"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="德语" region="德国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Alemão" region="Alemanha"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Tedesco" region="Germania"/>
<!--French French-->
<locale id="fr-FR" sort="3" official="true" beta="true">
	<status value="75%" word="État"/>
	<font value="verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<contributors value="Words of Magic"/>
	<ui language="Langue" region="Région" accept="OK" />
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="French" region="France"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Французский" region="Франция"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Francés" region="Francia"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Französisch" region="Frankreich"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Français" region="France"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Fransk" region="Frankrike"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Francouzština" region="Franice"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Francuski" region="Francja"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="フランス語" region="フランス"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="프랑스어" region="프랑스"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="法语" region="法国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Francês" region="França"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Francese" region="Francia"/>
<!--Japanese Japanese-->
<locale id="ja-JP" sort="4" official="true" beta="true">
	<status value="75%" word="ステータス"/>
	<font value="mplus2c" style="bold" size="14" alpha="japanese"/>
	<contributors value="Playism, Yukichika Chayama"/>
	<ui language="言語" region="地域" accept="OK"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="日本語" region="日本"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Japanese" region="Japan"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Japonés" region="Japón"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Japanisch" region="Japan"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Japonština" region="Japonsko"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Japonais" region="Japon"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Japoński" region="Japonia"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Japonec" region="Japonsko"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="일본어" region="일본"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Японский" region="Япония"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="日语" region="日本"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Japonês" region="Japão"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Giapponese" region="Giappone"/>
<!--Italiano Italiano-->
<locale id="it-IT" volunteer="true" sort="5" beta="true">
	<status value="60%" word="status"/>
	<font value="Verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<contributors value="Luca Locci"/>
	<ui language="Linguaggio" region="Regione" accept="Accetta"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Italian" region="Italy"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Итальянский" region="Италия"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Italiano" region="Italia"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Italienisch" region="Italien"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Italien" region="Italie"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Italiansk" region="Italia"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Italština" region="Itálie"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Włoski" region="Włochy"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="イタリア語" region="イタリア"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="이탈리아의" region="이탈리아"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="意大利" region="意大利"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Italiano" region="Itália"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Italiano" region="Italia"/>
<!--1989 Bad Translation English-->
<locale id="en-NES" default="false" sort="200" volunteer="true">
	<font value="Verdana" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<contributors value="Level Up Labs, Google Translate"/>
	<ui language="Language" region="Region" accept="Good." />
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="es" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="???" region="1989"/>
      <label id="fr-FR" language="???" region="1989"/>
      <label id="nb-NO" language="???" region="1989"/>
      <label id="cs-CZ" language="???" region="1989"/>
      <label id="pl-PL" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="???" region="1989"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="???" region="1989"/>

<!--Czech Republic Czech-->
<locale id="cs-CZ" volunteer="true" sort="25" beta="true">
	<font value="Verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="latin"/>
	<status value="60%" word=""/>
	<contributors value="Viktor 'Coyot' Urban, Helena 'Hekko' Houzarová"/>
      <ui language="Jazyk" region="Region" accept="Vyber"/>
      <label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Czech" region="Czech Republic"/>
      <label id="es-ES" language="Checo" region="República Checa"/>
      <label id="de-DE" language="Tschechisch" region="Tschechische Republik"/>
      <label id="fr-FR" language="Tchèque" region="République tchèque"/>
      <label id="nb-NO" language="Tsjekkisk" region="Tsjekkia"/>
      <label id="cs-CZ" language="Čeština" region="Česko"/>
      <label id="pl-PL" language="Czech" region="Czechy"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="チェコ語" region="チェコ"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="체코어" region="체코"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Чешский" region="Чешская республика"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="捷克语" region="捷克共和国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Tcheco" region="República Checa"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Ceco" region="Repubblica Ceca"/>

<!--South Korean Korean-->
<locale id="ko-KR" volunteer="true" beta="true" sort="30">
	<status value="60%" word="상태"/>
	<font value="nanumgothic" style="bold" size="13" alpha="korean"/>
	<ui language="언어" region="국가" accept="언어선택"/>
	<contributors value="Team.SM"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="한국어" region="한국"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Korejština" region="Jižní Korea"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Korean" region="South Korea"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Coreano" region="Coreano del Sur"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Koreanisch" region="Südkorea"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Coréen" region="Corée du Sud"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Koreański" region="Korea Południowa"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="韓国語" region="韓国"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Корейский" region="Южная Корея"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="朝鲜语" region="韩国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Coreano" region="Coréia do Sul"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Coreano" region="Corea del Sud"/>

<!-- Русский язык (Russian Russian) -->
<locale id="ru-RU" beta="false" volunteer="true" beta="true" sort="30">
	<status value="60%" word="Статус"/>
	<font value="verdana" style="bold" size="12" alpha="cyrillic"/>
	<contributors value="Lord_Draconis, cm3x, Dimon485, Landfar, Hy60koshk, WoRG55, andrew2405, DART, Romens, EvgenyChizhov, iriska128, Artillery, parabashka"/>
	<ui language="Язык" region="Регион" accept="Выбрать"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Russian" region="Russia"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Pусский" region="Россия"/>
	<label id="es-ES" language="Rusa" region="Rusia"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Russisch" region="Russland"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Russe" region="Russie"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Russisk" region="Russland"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Ruština" region="Rusko"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Rosyjski" region="Rosja"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="ロシア語" region="ロシア"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="러시아어" region="러시아"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="俄语" region="俄国"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Russo" region="Rússia"/>
	<label id="it-IT" language="Russo" region="Russia"/>
<locale id="zh-CN" sort="100">
<status value="60%" word="状态"/>
	<font value="SimSun" size="12" alpha="chinese"/>
	<ui language="语" region="地区"/>
	<label id="zh-CN" language="中国语言" region="中华人民共和国"/>
	<label id="en-US,en-GB,en-CA,en-NES" language="Chinese" region="China"/>
	<label id="es" language="Chino" region="China"/>
	<label id="de-DE" language="Chinesisch" region="China"/>
	<label id="fr-FR" language="Chinois" region="Chine"/>
	<label id="nb-NO" language="Kinesisk" region="Kina"/>
	<label id="cs-CZ" language="Čínština" region="Čína"/>
	<label id="ja-JP" language="中国人" region="中国"/>
	<label id="pl-PL" language="Chiński" region="Chiny"/>
	<label id="ko-KR" language="중국어" region="중국"/>
	<label id="ru-RU" language="Китайский" region="Китай"/>
	<label id="pt-PT" language="Chinês" region="China"/>
Any text blurbs that the translation interface itself needs are stored here rather than
in text files, to avoid the boot-strapping problem of having to load a locale in order
to display locale interface text in that locale.

The note will always display in the currently selected locale as a tooltip over various

<note id="status">
	<text id="en-US" title="Status"	body="100%"/>
	<text id="de-DE" title="Status"	body="95%"/>
	<text id="es-ES" title="Estado"	body="75%"/>
	<text id="fr-FR" title="État"	body="75%"/>
	<text id="ja-JP" title="ステータス"	body="75%"/>
	<text id="ko-KR" title="상태"		body="60%"/>
	<text id="it-IT" title="Status"	body="60%"/>
	<text id="cs-CZ" title="Stav"	body="60%"/>
	<text id="ru-RU" title="Статус"	body="60%"/>
<text id="zh-CN" title="状态"	body="1%"/>

<note id="beta">
	<!--This means that the translation has not been properly integrated yet-->
	<text id="en-US" title="BETA" body="This translation is still in beta. Untranslated text, missing characters, and other visual glitches are very likely not the fault of the translator."/>
	<text id="en-NES" title="BETA" body="This conversion is still in beta. Untranslated text, missing people, and other visual fault is probably not the fault of the translation."/>
	<text id="nb-NO" title="BETA" body="Denne oversettelsen er fortsatt i beta. Uoversatt tekst, manglende bokstaver, og andre visuelle problemer er svært sannsynlig ikke feil av oversetteren."/>
	<text id="cs-CZ" title="BETA" body="Lokalizace ještě není plně dokončena. Chybějící překlady a vzhledové nedostatky nejsou vinou překladatele."/>
	<text id="de-DE" title="BETA" body="Diese Übersetzung ist noch im Beta-Status. Unübersetzte Texte, fehlende Zeichen und andere sichtbare Fehler sind sehr wahrscheinlich nicht die Schuld des Übersetzers."/>
	<text id="fr-FR" title="BÊTA" body="Cette traduction est encore en phase bêta. Des textes non traduits, des erreurs et des problèmes visuels sont probablement présents et seront corrigés prochainement."/>
	<text id="ru-RU" title="БЕТА" body="Этот перевод еще в стадии бета. Непереведенный текст, отсутствующие символы, и другие визуальные дефекты, скорее всего, не по вине переводчиков."/>
	<text id="pt-PT" title="BETA" body="*PORTUGUESE BETA NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="zh-CN" title="BETA" body="*CHINESE BETA NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ko-KR" title="BETA" body="이 번역은 베타입니다. 미번역 텍스트, 누락된 문자 등 문제의 가능성이 있고 번역자의 오류는 없습니다."/>
	<text id="pl-PL" title="BETA" body="*POLISH BETA NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ja-JP" title="BETA" body="翻訳はベータ版です。未翻訳のテキストや文字抜けがありますが、翻訳者のミスではありません。"/>
	<text id="it-IT" title="BETA" body="Questa traduzione è ancora in beta. Qualunque problema è sicuramente ed esclusivamente colpa dei traduttori. :o) "/>
	<text id="es-ES" title="BETA" body="Esta traducción todavía está en beta. Es muy probable que el texto sin traducir, los caracteres que no se muestran y cualquier otro fallo visual no sean responsabilidad del traductor."/>

<note id="volunteer">
	<!--This means that a fan or other volunteer submitted this to us-->
	<text id="en-US" title="VOLUNTEER" body="This is a volunteer fan translation.$N$NContributors:"/>
	<text id="en-NES" title="VOLUNTEER" body="This is a translation volunteer fan $N$NContributors:"/>
	<text id="nb-NO" title="FRIVILLIG" body="Dette er en frivillig oversettelse.$N$NBidragsytere:"/>
	<text id="cs-CZ" title="VOLUNTEER" body="Tento překlad byl vytvořen dobrovolníky. $N$NPřispěli:"/>
	<text id="de-DE" title="FREIWILLIG" body="Dies ist eine freiwillige Übersetzung von Fans.$N$NMitwirkende:"/>
	<text id="fr-FR" title="BÉNÉVOLE" body="Cette traduction a été bénévolement réalisée par des fans.$N$NContributeurs :"/>
	<text id="ru-RU" title="Любительский" body="Это любительский перевод.$N$NУчастники:"/>
	<text id="zh-CN" title="VOLUNTEER" body="*CHINESE VOLUNTEER NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ko-KR" title="VOLUNTEER" body="이 번역은 팬 번역입니다.$N$N번역:"/>
	<text id="pl-PL" title="VOLUNTEER" body="*POLISH VOLUNTEER NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ja-JP" title="VOLUNTEER" body="ファン翻訳$N$N参加者:"/>
	<text id="it-IT" title="VOLONTARIA" body="Questa è una traduzione volontaria creata dai fan.$N$NCollaboratori:"/>
	<text id="es-ES" title="VOLUNTARIO" body="Esta traducción es voluntaria y ha sido realizada por fans.$N$NColaboradores:"/>

<note id="official">
	<!--This means that we solicited and paid the translator for an official translation-->
	<text id="en-US" title="OFFICIAL" body="This is an official (paid) translation.$N$NContributors:"/>
	<text id="en-NES" title="OFFICIAL" body="This is a translation of the official (paid) $N$NContributors :"/>
	<text id="nb-US" title="OFFISIELL" body="Dette er en offisiell (betalt) oversettelse.$N$NBidragsytere:"/>
	<text id="cs-CZ" title="OFFICIAL" body="Tento překlad byl vytvořen profesionály. $N$NAutoři:"/>
	<text id="de-DE" title="OFFIZIELL" body="Dies ist eine offizielle (bezahlte) Übersetzung.$N$NMitwirkende:"/>
	<text id="fr-FR" title="OFFICIAL" body="Cette traduction a été réalisée par des traducteurs professionnels.$N$NContributeurs :"/>
	<text id="ru-RU" title="Официальный" body="Это официальный (платный) перевод.$N$NУчастники:"/>
	<text id="pt-PT" title="OFFICIAL" body="*PORTUGUESE OFFICIAL NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="zh-CN" title="OFFICIAL" body="*CHINESE OFFICIAL NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ko-KR" title="OFFICIAL" body="이 번역은 공식 번역입니다.$N$N번역:"/>
	<text id="pl-PL" title="OFFICIAL" body="*POLISH OFFICIAL NOTE GOES HERE*"/>
	<text id="ja-JP" title="OFFICIAL" body="公式翻訳$N$N翻訳:"/>
	<text id="it-IT" title="OFFICIALE" body="Questa è una traduzione ufficiale (pagata).$N$NTraduttori:"/>
	<text id="es-ES" title="OFICIAL" body="Esta traducción es oficial (pagada).$N$NColaboradores:"/>


Updated: I’ve figured it out.


Hey there!

If you’re adding a chinese translation you’ll also need to add some fonts. As a starting point I would recommend finding a good general-purpose chinese font, adding that to the assets directory, and then add an appropriate fonts.xml file to the zh-CN folder. Copying the fonts.xml from the korean or japanese folders and substituting your font’s name might be a good starting point.

Also, when I get mod support slightly further along in an upcoming patch you could use that to add a localization without having to mix your files directly into the game’s install directory, so it’d be easier to keep track of things as you work on it. I’ll let you know as things develop.

EDIT: You’ll also want to read the readme on this page, about how to create properly formatted UTF-8 TSV files (scroll past the code stuff, the part that’s relevant to you is just how to make TSV files):


Thanks for your reply!
For now I can run the game without crushing but I’m running into another problem. It seems that the game won’t load any file I specified in the xml file. For example, I changed the index.xml to add zh-CN node, the the child node specified a font whose name is ‘simhei.ttf’, but that font won’t load. If I select Chinese option in the language selection dialog, all character’s won’t be displayed,except those language name which will be displayed in there own fonts. But when I change the font I specified in the index.xml to mplus2c, Chinese character will be displayed in that font(There is some common characters in both Japanese and Chinese). And when I rename my simhei.ttf to mplus2c, my font works, and the japanese characters will also be displayed in my font(simhei.ttf also has japanese characters).
The flags also have such problem. When I added zh-CN.png into “deluxe\assets\gfx\locales”, this flag won’t be displayed. But if I rename zh-CN.png to ru-RU.png, then this flag replaces the Russians flag.