I HAD Hero Mode ++, now I don't


So, I went to a lot of effort to achieve Hero Mode ++. And to beat the game on NG+ without any generic recruits. And I did! And I got awarded both in-game achievements!

Then I went back and completed the last side quest.

Now the in-game achievements don’t show me having either of those achievements.

I’m disheartened, and as I don’t have a recent back-up (my last back-up was before I beat the normal game) don’t have the desire to keep playing in the circumstances. I guess I’m a completionist, as I was trying to get ALL gold stars, ALL achievements, just… to do all of it. But now I have lost all of the “no generic recruits” achievements. :frowning:


Steam achievement or really in-game achievement? This could be very grave.

EDIT: Do you have ALL gold stars?


I had what might be the same issue. After spending more than a day starting a new file and playing through to all three “hero mode” achievements, I later noticed them to have vanished, most likely because I then proceeded to recruit all the generics.

I can’t say if it affects Steam achievements, as I downloaded the game directly via the Humble Bundle sale the other week. One oddity I noticed though is that even though the achievements are listed as incomplete (picture is greyed out and progress bar at 0%), the number of completed achievements still counts them. It also counts achievements from my original, deleted file.


In-game, not Steam. I didn’t get the game on Steam.

I have 186 stars - all of them gold. I earned all but the last 4 with NO generic recruits.


Here’s something to try:

  1. Create a backup of your save (export the file)
  2. Copy the save file, then open the text file and look for entries that begin with the <character> tag and end with </character>
  3. Remove all the generic characters from your save file
  4. Import the save file back into an empty slot.

EDIT: it was eating the < and > tags :slight_smile:


Erm, is it just me, or is something in your post not displaying properly?

EDIT: Deleted generics, and yes the achievements are again marked as complete after loading the file.


That might give me the achievements back, but wouldn’t I just lose them when I hire generics again? Which I’m going to need to do, because while I could get 180 gold stars with just maxed out story heroes, I don’t think I can get all the gold stars and achievements without having some generics.


Yes, it’s a bug in the way achievements are logged. It will be stored on steam in perpetuity but not logged in the game itself. I will try to fix this next time I roll out an update.


Any luck on fixing this bug? I am as well troubled by this loss of achievement. Also thank you for making this game.