I seem to only have 199 stars and cannot find the last two. Also steam achievement for Big box o not dying won't unlock


I decided to come back and fully complete DF1. I have completed everything I can (even getting the unobtainium skulls). Every single level has three stars, every bonus has been perfect’d except for the one that requires 201 stars.

I have 199 stars. I have looked everywhere and can not seem to find where the last two come from. Is it glitched?


I see this has been moved to the bugs category. I am fearful that my ability to 100% the game and achievements is not well. -_-

You seriously made one of the best defense games of all time though. I’ve played through this game more times than any game I’ve ever owned.


Hey, can you attach the savefile? That way we could look it up.


The forum won’t let me upload anything that’s not an image, and doesn’t allow new users to upload. I’m not sure how long this


this online copy will stay active for.



Oh, geez, yeah, looking over the file I named some characters NSFW things. Hopefully everyone is over 18.


So… am I missing a level, or is it glitched? Any hope of getting my steam achievements if it is?


If I’m reading the file correctly, you are missing the monastery in the first play through. (I think that is near the first boss fight (or is the first boss fight).)