I'd like everyone here to do an experiment for me


Step 1: Go into any battle.

Step 2: Place whatever units you want. Boost them, whatever.

Step 3: Turn the speed up to x4.

Step 4: Place a Healer.

Step 5: Sell the Healer, don’t click anything.

Has the game sped up? If so, how much? x1.5? x2?

Step 6: Click on any character, or bring the character menu up in any any way.

Has the game slowed back down?


Happens because the game loads and unloads a spritesheet whenever you summon any unit or bring up any menu. Also it was made in Flash/Adobe AIR (mostly), so it’s bound to have bad performance.


Is that what’s causing it? Huh. If at all possible, I’d love for Lars to impliment something that lets you manually unload the sprite sheet if you press F6 or something.

Because when I first played DQ it didn’t lag like heck and now it does unless I sell a unit and don’t click anything. Being one unit down and having to sell again after I boost anyone is a little frustrating. :stuck_out_tongue: