Incorrect info, new game+


I’m playing new game+ right now, and have reached the stage Zelemir’s Army. I read a forum post(NG+ Zelemir’s Army - proposed nerf) about the stage in which it is stated that the HP totals of the enemies, overall, start about 25% higher than the previous stage.

I checked the pre-battle screen, and noticed that the health totals did not appear 25% higher than the previous stage. I was incorrect about that, actually, but it lead me to discover something else. I checked the starting health total of certain mobs for differences between the pre-battle screen and in-battle screen, and they’re staggeringly different.

[attachment=0]Defender’s Quest Screenshot 4.png[/attachment]
[attachment=1]Defender’s Quest Screenshot 3.png[/attachment]

I can only upload max 3 attachments, but Fallen Knight+ pre-battle data: Lvl 33-35 HP 11400 - 11800. In-battle data: Lvl 34, HP 17822

Unsure of any other possible info mismatches at this time. Couldn’t find any previous bug report on this.

Game version - Steam v. 1.0.54


There’s a bug report already filed for this - the battle preview screen seemingly uses somehow cached information, not taken from actual battle files.


The screenshots are pretty helpful, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been lazy about bug fixes but I’m going to try to get the worst ones done before January.