Independent once more: Defender's Quest 2 Progress for June 2020

Hey everyone, it's time for another DQ2 progress report!

First and foremost, I should announce some news. My tenure at Valve on the experimental venture Steam Labs has come to a close:

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This proved very timely for me. (Specifically the end part about the Mac market - though I’m always excited to hear about everything going on.)

I was on the fence about building a windows box after frustration with lag and bad ports on my Mac. (Civ 6, for example, has been rendered unplayably slow by the newest update. A 6 year old laptop is asking for problems… but Civ is fundamentally a 2d game, how can I be suffering multi-second graphics lag at min settings and quarter res?)

I continued to hold out hope that the options would improve, first with the new desktops (nope, those are servers!) and then with the “big announcement”. I wasn’t sure what to make of the chip switch plans, but was worried it spelled trouble for my goals.

Your view on the development hurdles makes the final straw. I’m going to continue to miss out on games - if not necessarily yours, than certainly some without your commitment to as many platforms as viable. While I wouldn’t go buy a computer just for one game, even yours (I’d borrow my roommate’s, at most) - this is the break point where I say I’m going to pull the trigger on building a windows box, and “pull the trigger” in a different sense on mac.

Thank you for a clear view on where you stand and the hurdles you face relating to the Mac market, it saves me continuing down a path I’d end up regretting.

what is catalina, cataline wine mixer? also mac sucks. nice progress report.