Is it possible to erase only the new game +?


Hi, I’ve searched for this, but I haven’t found the answer.

Some days ago, I finished the game, and in the load game section, it appeared the start new game + button, which I hit with curiosity. I checked that I only had Azra, at level 24, but I didn’t progress any further.

I’m back at my first game, because I want to earn the last stars I don’t have, but I realized that in the ng+ Azra is still at level 24, when in my game she is at level 26.

I only want to delete the ng+, not the game I’m playing normally. Is this possible?



Characters and their equipment are shared between normal and NG+. The only things that are separate are stars and progress - so if you load up your NG+, azra will be 26.


Ok, Thank you.


Btw, it would be nice if the game called attention to that. The only way I knew this was from testing it.


Yeah, I should probably mention it somewhere :slight_smile: Another thing to add to my list…