Lars: "Defender's Quest fans, anyone got a good one-sentence elevator pitch for the game? I've always struggled with this."


Wish he’d come to the forums with this stuff, I wonder if many people here actually use Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

A young librarian and her band of misfits carve through ghouls in their endless escape across a plague colony pit, unearthing ancient mysteries and forging unlikely alliances along the way in this Tower Defense RPG.

's all I’ve got.


For context:


I’ve been working on this lately:

“A Tower Defense RPG where unique, persistent, characters take on the role of ‘towers.’”

A bit mechanics focused, but it’s a start.


A unique take on the Tower Defense genre.

Endure countless angry mobs (of zombies) and have your defenders level up permanently. Cast upgradeable spells, use improvable abilities and unleash the spirit within you! Are you clever enough to escape the Pit or will those brain-eaters have their dinner served?


I mean, are you wanting something to “Say”, cause yours works for verbal conversations. For a title that may grab attention (And get those wonderful “Click Throughs” maybe…

Defender’s Quest II - One Part Tower Defense (Gameplay), Two Parts RPG (Story & Characters).

Without the (Stuff here) of course.


Short story is that you’re a librarian who brings her companions to the edge of death to survive, escape and eventually kill a mad god. Long story, well it starts with a Pit