Lars tweeted: "When we release DQ1HD, any tips for discount/promo strategy?"


I’m making this post mainly to see what would tempt you guys to buy DQ1, had you not already, or what would make you check it out.

I can think of a few ideas, personally, but I can’t vouch for how good they may be.

  1. Getting on the front page of Steam, boasting a ‘Free graphics and content update!’.

  2. If you don’t think people can beat Defender’s Quest in the span of a single day, a Free Day event like other games on Steam have. Skyrim recently had a free weekend. People who get halfway through a game are more likely to buy it when the free period runs out. This would probably require people not be able to launch DQ from their SteamApps folder DRM-free, though, otherwise you give everyone on Steam the game permanently for free. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. 75% off coupons for DQ in Steam. Not sure how well this would work. Do coupons work better or worse than simply putting the game on sale, I wonder.

  4. Hosting a Mod Workshop contest, to show support for the modding community, resulting in good PR and potential press articles. What other game developer on Steam has done anything like that, openly supported their modding community with contests? Assuming it gets more than 3 really good submissions, you cold give #1 a Smithy Tier of DQ2, #2 Special Friend and #3 Alpha Tier.

  5. Make the hidden nude code in DQ1 for Slak public. :wink:

Anyone else have some?


I don’t think one will work, unless you were joking. That just makes me think that the company things the audience is too stupid to recognize repackaging and might make think that a game wasn’t good enough if they need to advertise that
It’s also probable to beat dq in a day, provided the grinding of chars wasn’t necessary. plus the demo covers the first 25% of the game, right? So maybe remind people that the demo exists, since I played that before getting the game and it made me want it.
coupons could trigger a person’s impulse to buy because it’s cheap for a limited time, but I don’t think people who already own something get coupons for it. But it probably works better with a physical coupon than digital one
get some LPers to cover or speedrun it?
Though really word of mouth from popular and well liked internet sensations, or anyone with a large following on internet communities, recommending the game is probably the best option.

Also, please don’t do nude choices for anyone, even if you’re joking. not everyone will find that choice tasteful and may judge the game to be some stupid one-off nsfw fodder if they see that as a game tag, which steam is starting to get plenty of options for. But that might be my own bias right there.


I was kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: Since Slak is the only character who does get naked in DQ.

… off-screen. Thankfully. Poor Azra, though.