Lars's Steam Controller talk at Steam Dev Days


First thing, congrats on landing that presentation. :slight_smile: Always happy to see you getting another leg up in the game dev world.

Secondly, your forewarning about your narcolepsy and tourettes I’m sure had a lot of people on the edge of their seats, haha.

And finally, why I’m making the topic:

You said something along the lines of, what happens if controller 2 is unplugged? How is the game supposed to handle that? I’ve got a horror story to share, from a Nintendo game no less.

A few years ago VideoGamesAwesome was playing Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This video takes place after the final dungeon, after the final boss has been beaten, during the level score tallying. It’s a multi-hour long slog and pretty difficult. A controller becomes unplugged and the game immediately stops and kicks them to the main menu. No chance to plug it back in, no just letting the others continue, game over for everyone. Same thing happens if any of the batteries die. Their entire progress in the final dungeon isn’t saved, their night is ruined and they’re denied the ending. Keep in mind this is a Nintendo game, so kids are likely to play it, unplug their controllers by accident with excitement, or maybe a baby/pet unintentionally rips them free. It’s quite possibly the worst coded ‘how to handle an unplugged controller’ response from a game I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue: