Let's Playing DQ2 Alpha?


Basically, I have a youtube channel, and I want to know if buying the alpha tier would allow me to let’s play the content when it finally hits alpha or if we’re only allowed to actually release videos after it hits beta or full release?


Read the terms and conditions thread, it has all the rules. Not sure why you’d want to do a lets play of an unfinished game but whatever.


To be first? So people looking up the game see your playthrough first instead of some other dude’s?


Yeah but there really isn’t anything to lets play because everything is broken and incomplete. Being the first doesn’t really do anything.


I don’t think many developers like the public’s first perception of their game to be a buggy, crashy, incomplete, horrible mess. First impressions are everything. I’d hope no one streams it until it’s finished, or in some sort of a proper state.


Just a note, I looked into streaming it, and yea, incomplete is one word, basically DQ1 without any levels yet is another way of describing it.

I wouldn’t rush in :wink: