Manual trust level changing (can't PM?)


If you want to manually change your discourse trust level, then please post here along with a reason (i.e. can’t PM) and you’ll be sorted out.

ADMIN EDIT: Lars here – if you’re trying to PM me and can’t, it’s because new forum users don’t get that privilege for a day or so, it’s either that or drown in spam. Therefore, we’ve switched to email for activating alpha backers and so forth – so send us an email to with your email and forum username and we’ll hook you up.


Please bump to beta :`D
Reason - Didn’t get an e-mail from steam, so just made an account here.


I can PM but I haven’t received a reply from a message to Lars. Is there someone else I should message? Also I bought into beta access and was wondering if there was a possibility of paying the difference or something to move up to alpha. Just curious. Thx.


Heh that is not quite what this thread is for, @MoonShatter @g3trans You should PM @larsiusprime / contact him via e-mail for those kinds of issues.


alright that was kinda what I thought but wanted to confirm. I did PM him after getting my trust level up but he hasn’t responded. That was back in march. I’ll try again. Thx.


I’ve been trying to catch up on my backlog this last month. Let me take care of you two here in a second.

EDIT: @g3trans you’re now a level 1 user so you can PM now. Emily Ninja’d my response re: beta stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, guys. So, beta access hasn’t started yet. We’re still in the pre-alpha / alpha phase, so there’s nothing for beta users to see yet. We’ll be sure to get you fixed up once beta’s open for business.

FYI, if you want to upgrade your tier, just send the difference to via PayPal, and include a note with your email address and what tier you’re upgrading to.



Hello guys, this was harder to find since i think i posted wrong the first time so here i am^^ i ordered alpha access some time ago and can’t pm that’s why i wrote here. thanks in advance


Heh, hi Sponsch, I’ve sorted you out, you can now PM.


Hi Emily, I think I might be in the same boat as some of these other folks. I’m not sure which tier of support I gave when I first paid in, and I’d love to top up the difference so I can get alpha/beta access. I have no idea what amount of moolah that works out to. Is it possible for me to find out?


Hey, XCOM, no problem. I looked you up, and you’re currently at the Game Tier ($15). To bump up to Beta Tier ($35 total) or Alpha Tier ($50 total), you’d be looking at a $20 or $35 difference, respectively. As I mentioned, you can send the difference to via PayPal, including a note with your email address and what tier you’re upgrading to.

Whether or not you decide to upgrade, we really appreciate your support. Hope you’ve enjoyed the game!



Hello, I recently bought the 50 dollar Alpha access for the game, and I can’t PM to larsius about getting the game through google drive (and whatever is required).


Sorted you out. Happy testing! :slight_smile:


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